In line with the United Nations’ “Decade of Healthy Ageing 2021-2030” and widely corroborated by the World Health Organization, leading an international action to further improve life quality, the 3RD Edition of the “International Healthy Aging Summit” is fully aware on the current challenges that the ageing population carries for health systems and the society.

As in previous editions, you will be able to participate if you are a Professional, Student or General Public, through one of the registration formats:

  • IN PERSON (initially limited to 100 vacancies, but subject to expansion due to the current COVID-19 pandemic) or;

  • LIVE STREAMING (broadcasted in real time from the location of the summit activities).
In view of previous editions and in addition, participants will now be able to count on:


A panel of academics from the most promising areas of research on the comprehensive domain of Healthy Aging, sharing their best and most recent results and Innovation;


The multi- and interdisciplinary approach that has been portrayed throughout earlier editions and that configure the principles and good practices of a patient-based approach, increasingly recognized as “good medicine” and synonymous with Functional Medicine, will now be reinforced with a panel exclusively dedicated to sharing clinical protocols;


Two simultaneous scientific programs.
Internationally recognized speakers that are leaders and experts in their fields will be presenting simultaneously with experts in “Non-Conventional Therapeutics”, NCTs, as legislated by the Portuguese Law Nº. 45/2003 and Law Nº. 71/2013. Depending on availability in the meeting room, you´ll be able to watch in real time (in person or via live streaming) the contents of your choice from the ”3RD International Healthy Aging Summit 2021”. If you are unable to attend some sessions, this will be available to you for 5 days after the end of the conference.

The “3RD International Healthy Aging Summit 2021” post-summit course, will be taught by Dr. Tom O´Bryan, also a member of the current and previous “International Healthy Aging Summit” Scientific Committees.

In person or via Live Streaming, we count on you for joining us in what will be the most complete and captivating edition ever of the “International Healthy Aging Summit”!

Looking forward to seeing you all in Lisbon.